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Articles About Cake Web Browser

Search Faster With This New Mobile Browser

"If you search as often as I do, these changes are enough to make you put Cake on your home screen..."

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Cake Browser adds a bit of Tinder's magic to mobile search

"Cake Browser’s novel approach to search feels slicker than the Exxon Valdez, and is vastly less exhausting than perpetually dipping in-and-out of Google results in order to find the page you care about..."

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Cake Raises $5M For A Swipeable Mobile Browser

"Cake has an ambitious plan to take on incumbents like Chrome and Safari to build a better browser for mobile devices..."

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Cake Injects A Number Of Search-Focused Smarts Into The Mix

"Cake injects a number of other search-focused smarts into the mix. Users can search across categories and services at the same time..."

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Our Mobile Manifesto

"Mobile web browsers suck. The world moved from desktop to mobile, but browsers and search results stayed the same. They are basically desktop experiences crammed onto a phone..."

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