The Cake Recipe

Cake Web Browser combines new patented search and browsing technologies with an experience designed specifically for your phone.

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Patented Swiping Tech

Cake invented new technology that allows you to simply swipe between search results. You can also swipe between bookmarks, groups searches, and articles from your favorite sites.

Swiping saves time by removing the need to go back and forth between the search results and the content you care about.

Group Search

Group Search lets users choose a media type, enter a single search term, and then view results from multiple websites. Get the best the web has to offer in videos, images, and shopping.

This unique feature lets you browse and compare wider variety of options very quickly. Find the exact meme you're looking for, price compare among top retailers, and more.

Mobile SpeedSense

Optimizing for mobile connections, Mobile SpeedSense automatically evaluates your data connection, adapting page loading and rendering to get you to your content faster.

Cake's Mobile SpeedSense helps you take full advantage of your 5G data connection.

More Sweet Features

Ad Blocking

Cake’s proprietary ad blocking technology filters ads, pop-ups, and tracking pixels to speed up page load times and protect your privacy.

Intuitive Navigation

Patented swipe-based delivery of search results along with voice search, site follow, and group search helps you find things FAST.


Enable dark mode, choose your favorite app icon, and configure your home page. Customize your search experience.

Voice Search

Voice search means less typing, more searching. Simply tap the voice option and state your query and Cake will execute your search.


With built-in ad blocking, enhanced encryption, and much more, you don’t have to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands. Learn More

And More...

Discover Find On Page, Favorites, Collections, Site Follow, and other features. Try Cake Browser today!