Q: I’m worried about data usage when I’m not on WiFi. Can I control that?
A: You sure can! In Cake Settings > General > Data Usage, select “Only on WiFi” and Cake will only preload websites while your phone is connected to a recognized WiFi signal.

Q: Where can I find Cake Settings?
A: Cake Settings can be accessed from the settings/gear icon on the Tabs Screen (tap the tabs icon on the bottom right corner of the toolbar).

Q: How do I customize my Cake app icon?
A:In Cake Settings > App Icon, select your favorite icon and it will be updated on your phone’s home screen.

Q: How do I edit or delete something I saved to my Favorites?
A: To edit favorites go to collections from the home screen in Cake then select Favorites, you can rename, reorganize, and delete sites that have been saved from here.

Q: How do I browse privately?
A: On your Tabs Screen, tap “Private” to switch over to Private Mode and open a new tab—you’ll notice a symbol at the top of page showing you are in Private Mode. Cake does not record your browsing history in Private Mode.

Q: How do I clear my notifications badge?
A: Notifications for sites you are following can be edited directly from clicking next to the site on your home page and editing the notifications.

Q: How do I copy a URL?
A: While viewing a webpage, tap the Page Settings icon (three dots in the footer) and tap the “Copy URL” tile.

Q: How do I share a URL?
A: While viewing a webpage, tap the Page Settings icon (three dots in the footer) to access your sharing options. Tap the message, email, or Facebook icons, or tap Share icon to access more options.

Q: How do I set or change my search engine?
A:To change your search engine, navigate to Settings > Web Search and choose your preferred search engine.

Q: How do I turn on/turn off ad blocking?
A: Cake by default turns on universal ad blocking during onboarding. Users can manage ad blocking in Cake Settings > Ad Blocking, or manage ad blocking on an individual webpage from the Site Options button on the toolbar.

Q: I’ve turned on ad blocking but I’m still seeing ads—why is that?
A: If this happens the site may have updated their ad systems, send us an email to let us know which site is showing the ads so it can be addressed.

Q: How do I access my browsing history?
A: On the Tabs Screen, tap the clock icon in the bottom left corner to view your browsing history.

Q: How do I erase my browsing data?
A: In Cake Settings > Clear Browsing Data, select which data you’d like to erase —Browsing History, Cookies & Website Data, and Cached images—and then tap “Clear Browsing Data Now.”

Q: How do I learn more about Cake features?
A:Users can access feature tutorials in Cake Settings > Explore Cake

Q: How do I report an issue or bug in Cake?
A: If you run into a problem on a webpage, tap the Site Options icon on the toolbar and tap on the “Report Issue” tile (last option on the right). This will launch an email view with an attached screenshot; please describe the issue you’re experiencing and we’ll get to work!

Q: How do I customize my Home Screen?
A: A fun question! On your Cake Home Screen, tap the Options icon in the top right corner. Users can choose from a gallery of header artwork, reorder and turn of/off Home Screen features, discover new websites to follow, or restore the Home Screen to Cake defaults.

Q: How do I follow websites?
A: On web pages that support RSS, a Follow button will appear in the bottom right of the page; tap “Follow” and new posts from that website’s RSS feed will appear in your Following feed on your Home Screen. You can also follow more websites from your Home Screen by tapping the options icon in the top right, then tapping “Discover Sites To Follow.”

If you think a website offers RSS but do not see a Follow button appear at the bottom of the web page, visit our troubleshooting article on Following Websites (link).

Q: How do I find a word on a webpage?
A: When you are on the page select the three dot icon you find in the footer and swipe the features present to the one listed find in page.

Q: How do I print from Cake?
A: To print a webpage, tap the Site Options icon on the toolbar, scroll to the right of the action tiles, then tap Print. Then, in the print dialogue choose a printer.

Q: Is Cake a search engine?
A: No. Cake is a web browser, like Safari or Chrome, that uses a search engine of your choice (such as Google or Bing) to generate search results.